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Web forms using placeholders rather than labels are becoming more and more common. They save space and create a minimal, less busy form. The problem is we are still supporting IE9 and sometimes IE8 (against our will!!). So here is how I handle placeholders..


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OK.. so you can use this on pretty much any file that your loading in (not just XML) and you can use this in any other scripting lanaguge using the same method but this tip itself is for JavaScript. 

My senario… I'm requesting an XML file using XMLHttpRequest and inevitably the data within the XML file is going to change.

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So there are alot of these sorts of posts about and really the real reason for this is so I can refer back to these myself.. but why not share my collections rather than keep them for myself.

So on that note here some some of the great little PHP functions I keep forgetting about.

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Get Yourself a Development Armoury

Having your own development armoury will allow you to make clearer and quicker decisions when setting out new projects. Getting yourself prepared to start development on a project is essential for ensuring less mistakes are made, less time is taken (because we all know the deadline is yesterday!) and that the thought process behind the development is clear and well thought out.

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Stripe Your Tables with the CSS nth-child Pseudo-Selector
This is a very simple a quick tutorial but very useful and although probably common knowledge now some people may still not know you can stripe your tables using a simple css3 pseudo selector.
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A tie (BrE) or necktie (AmE) is a long piece of cloth worn for decorative purposes around the neck or shoulders, resting under the shirt collar and knotted at the throat. Wikipedia

It annoys me that every weekday morning I must waste at least 4 minutes putting on a tie. This is approximately 15 hours a year just on ties and I've taken into consideration holidays and bank holidays.

Do you not find you are exceptionally busy all the time? We all spend most weekdays trying to cram as much in our day as possible. Time is precious and any minute lost is valuable. For example as a web developer I work during the weekdays for a large corporate business. Around this I also fit in freelancing (spread over evenings and weekends), family time, fiancee time, weekend chores and now I've taken to blogging. This is all before a social life and eating or sleeping but I'm not the only one! Chances are you're just the same and we need to enjoy the little time we get to relax and chill out!